Jump-start your journey to health with our free online program.

Mindfulous works with board certified doctors to make health education a more accessible and fun experience. 
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Want to start feeling better? 

But you're not sure where to start?
Cut to the chase by going straight to the science.

What we offer

Science-based program

So you can cut through the online clutter and start learning more confidently

Designed by health experts

to inspire you to take
transformative action
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Lifelong Knowledge

that will benefit your
journey to health

How it works

Enroll in a program and start learning at your own pace

Our watch time is 1 hour long
followed by weeks of practice.

Our health experts designed a program with you in mind

We know how health education can get boring. That's why we worked on keeping it light.

Acquire powerful knowledge and tools in lifestyle change

and start applying them
in your everyday life.

We're small and mighty

We just got started with one program in stress management and we're working on adding new programs to help you take control of your health more holistically

Bring This To Your Team

Is Your Team Ready To Take Control Of Their Lifestyle?
Healthy People Are Happy People.
Enroll them today and enjoy a FREE Subscription for all.  
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