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This self-paced program is designed to show the importance of putting YOUR well-being first. Learn about how to identify the red flags of burnout before it's too late, and build resilience to become the master of your own emotions.
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Take Control of Your Health

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4 weeks | 
10 min daily

Beat Burnout For Good

If you’re on this page, chances are you’re in the middle of a burnout or you want to ensure that it never happens again.

The good news? You have more control than you think. Even debilitating chronic stress CAN be managed. All you need to make? Small changes for a big impact in the long-run. That's what Mindfulous is all about. 
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What You'll Learn

The Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Discover how stress impacts the body, and what to do about it, with tools backed by over half a century of research.

Get Resilient

Embrace evidence-based mindfulness to conquer life’s adversities with confidence and courage.

Put Yourself First 

Self-care isn’t selfish. Quite the contrary. Discover life-changing tactics you can implement easily to prevent burnout. 
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Mindfulness For Stress Management

Stress Management for Healthcare Workers

Start Anytime.      Duration: 1 hour

About The Instructor

Dr. Hani Chaabo, MD
Family and Integrative Medicine Doctor, Mindfulness Teacher

Dr. Hani Chaabo MD is a board-certified family doctor, who specializes in integrative and mind-body medicine. He completed his Family Medicine Training at Charleston Area Medical Center, and his Integrative Medicine studies at the University of Arizona, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. 
Dr. Chaabo works with patients in individual and group settings, where he educates and inspires positive change through a Mindfulness-Based Lifestyle Change program that he developed.

Love is in the air 

Amazing presentation with an engaging practical and very do-able action plan for the 3-components of burnout. Useful for more than clinicians.

Kanchana B.
Awesome presentation, you reflected back with the best examples on how compassion fatigue can be transformed into compassion satisfaction through motivation, practice, and transformation.
Yubaraj A.
I've listened to and seen hundreds of presentations on mindfulness, and this one by Dr. Chaabo is hands down the best!! I'm going to watch it often until I know it by heart!! Thank you!

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