Stress Management For Healthcare Professionals - and everyone else 

The 1-Hour Talk with a Lifetime of Benefits

This self-paced program is designed to show the importance of putting your well-being first before tending to the well-being of others. You'll learn about how to identify the signs and symptoms of burnout before it's too late, and build the resilience to help you manage stress in your everyday life. 
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1 hour

Practice: 4 weeks
10 min/day

Moving Emotional Mountains

If you’re on this page, chances are you’re in the middle of a burnout or you want to ensure that it never happens to you again. No matter the reason, we’re happy you found us and we’re here to help. 

A healthier you isn't built in a day. The good news is that when approached with an intentional mindset, you can transform your health and mental outlook by making tiny, gradual adjustments over time.
That's what Mindfulous is all about. 
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What You'll Learn

The Signs, Symptoms, and Secrets of Stress

We’ll teach you about the causes and effects that chronic work-related stress has on both your body and mind. Together, we’ll unpack how to identify burnout symptoms before it’s too late. 

Personal and Professional Resilience

Through evidence-based mindfulness practices, we’ll help you identify the changes you can make in both your personal and professional life to assist in stress management.

Tried, Tested, and Trusted

Our goal is to make stress-management second nature to you. Should you feel that stress snake start to rear its ugly head, you’ll know exactly how to keep the serpent at bay.

Life is an Emotional Rollercoaster, But You Can Enjoy the Ride

Just because one of the grapes are sour, doesn’t mean you should throw out the whole bunch. What we mean by this is that if we can single out the individual elements that are causing us the most stress, we may find that – like the rest of the grapes – our lives can be filled with plenty of sweetness. 
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Mindfulness For Stress Management

Stress Management for Healthcare Workers

Start Anytime.      Duration: 1 hour

About The Instructor

Dr. Hani Chaabo, MD
Family and Integrative Medicine Doctor, Mindfulness Teacher

Dr. Hani Chaabo MD is a board-certified family doctor, who specializes in integrative and mind-body medicine. He completed his Family Medicine Training at Charleston Area Medical Center, and his Integrative Medicine studies at the University of Arizona, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. 
Dr. Chaabo has struggled with high levels of anxiety, as well as obesity. It wasn’t until he committed himself to mindfulness practices, that he was able to begin shaping his life for the better.
Through personal mindful practices, and because of his studies on mindfulness topics, he helps people who have experienced the very hardships he can relate to. He works with patients in individual and group settings, where he educates and inspires positive change through a Mindfulness-Based Lifestyle Change program that he developed.
He believes that food is a powerful medicine, and he encourages people to invest in their own health and happiness. When he's not working, Dr. Chaabo is a piano hobbyist and a lover and student of yoga.

Love is in the air 

Amazing presentation with an engaging practical and very do-able action plan for the 3-components of burnout. Useful for more than clinicians.

Kanchana B.
Awesome presentation, you reflected back with the best examples on how compassion fatigue can be transformed into compassion satisfaction through motivation, practice, and transformation.
Yubaraj A.
I've listened to and seen hundreds of presentations on mindfulness, and this one by Dr. Chaabo is hands down the best!! I'm going to watch it often until I know it by heart!! Thank you!


Healthy People Are Happy People. 

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